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Capitol Years is always in the search for music loving storytellers!

Capital Years publishes daily music news and entertainment. We focus on a variety of musical genres as we strive to find the best music in the industry.

If you are interested in writing for Capitol years, please take a moment to check out our writer’s guidelines.


Deadlines & Issues

Capitol Years is published on a weekly basis. We are a daily site that operates on a continuous basis as our assignments are time sensitive regarding photographs, live reviews, interviews, and events.


We encourage our writers to develop their voice and express their opinion. However, be aware of how you form your opinion and distinguish the subjective from the objective. The style must should maturity and emphasize on substance.

Fact Check

Always be thorough with research and interviews. Be sure to verify facts in the article, or remove any uncertainty.

Writing Style

Capitol Years uses the standard AP style of writing. Here is what we’re looking for:

  • Italics for band names, album titles, films, videos, etc.
  • Titles for songs, chapters and articles must contain quotations
  • Use numerals in place of decades – use four digits (ex. the 1980s than ‘80s)
  • Write complete title of album then abbreviate subsequently

Here’s What We’re Looking For:

  • Feature Profiles
  • Trends
  • Music Reviews
  • Interviews

Submissions must be at its best of quality. This means no grammatical errors, appropriate sites, and useful links.

Capitol Years goes beyond the bare minimum of music; we want our writers to dig a little deeper and include information readers can’t find elsewhere.