Musicians weigh in on cocoa flavanols and other health products

Cocoa Flavanos has the potential to improve our health in a number of ways – and it seems like it is hitting the music scene.

First it was ginseng. Now its cocoa flavanols.

The benefits are beastly:

This includes better memory, healthy skin, good blood circulation, and even cardio vascular diseases. A number of research studies have suggested that the intake of cocoa flavanols can make our blood vessels healthy, and lead to strong cardiovascular system, which consist of veins, resistant vessels, and arteries. (1) It lowers the blood pressure, prevents blood clot, improves the blood cholesterol, fights cell damage, and enhances flow-mediated vasodilatation.

Some of the compounds have been found in Isagenix, but the flavanols have also had their share of skepticism.